Posted on 22-10-2020


Home sewing should buy a sewing machine or more useful electronics?

1. The difference between the mechanical sewing machine and the electronic sewing machine

We will talk about the differences in structure, the mechanical sewing machine has a motor mounted separately and uses the movement belt. On the electronic sewing machine WLife motor is located inside and has an electronic control circuit. You will easily adjust the sewing speed, neat design, durable and smooth operation for a long time.

Wondering whether to buy a mechanical or electronic sewing machine, see the difference in features, the sewing machine can only sew some common fabrics. Due to the manual control, the seam is uneven and beautiful, and it is difficult to control the speed. The modern electronic sewing machine supports a series of stitches on a variety of fabrics, automatic needle piercing, fast bobbin and bright led lights.

2. Should I buy a sewing machine or an electronics repair at home?

As an old sewing machine with bulky design, limited possibilities with the quality of stitches are not appreciated, so sewing machines are less and less used. The only advantage of this series is probably the low repair and maintenance costs. Electronic sewing machines operating with higher efficiency, multi-function sewing with diverse designs are becoming popular.

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